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The Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry hosts a wide range of research interests. Our faculty has a diverse range of expertise and an openness to collaboration that fosters national and international research with other academic institutions, as well as with various industries. 

Please follow the links to learn more about the research interests of our faculty members:

Bulent Mutus

Biochemistry | Redox Signaling in Vascular Cells | Assay Development

Siyaram Pandey

Biochemistry | Cell Death & Cancer Biology

Jeremy Rawson

Physical Chemistry | Inorganic and Molecular Materials

Simon Rondeau-Gagne

Organic Chemistry | Organic Materials

Keith Taylor

Biochemistry | Environmental Biotechnology

John Trant

Organic Chemistry | Synthetic Bio-organic & Materials

Yufeng Tong

Experimental Biochemistry

Otis Vacratsis

Biochemistry | Cell Signalling and Proteomics | Protein Mass Spectrometry

Nick Vukotic

Materials Chemistry

Jichang Wang

Physical Chemistry | Analytical Chemistry | Non-linear Chemical Dynamics

Zhuo Wang

Organic Chemistry | Polymer & Materials Chemistry

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Sirinart Ananvoranich

Biochemistry | Parasite Cellular Biology

Tricia Breen Carmichael

Materials Chemistry | Inorganic Chemistry

Marcus Drover

Inorganic Chemistry | Materials Chemistry

Philip Dutton

Physical Organic Chemistry

S. Holger Eichhorn

Materials, Organic & Polymer Chemistry | Physical Chemistry

James Gauld

Computational Chemistry & Biochemistry | Physical Chemistry

James Green

Organic Chemistry | Organic Synthesis & Catalysis


Sam Johnson

Transition Metal Chemistry | Materials Chemistry

Lana Lee


Stephen Loeb

Inorganic & Organic Chemistry | Supramolecular Chemistry

Drew Marquardt

Biochemistry | Biomaterials | Lipid Systems

Scott Mundle

Environmental Chemistry | Geochemistry | Analytical Chemistry

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