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The networking event will be held at the Ambassador Auditorium located on the second floor of the CAW Student Center.


  • Canterbury College: (519) 253-300 Ext. 4948

$69.00 per night. Short-term student accommodation. Single room with shared washroom.

University Ave W and Sunset Ave. Walk: 3 min.

  • Travelodge Hotel Downtown Windsor: (519) 258-7774

~$97 per night. 33 Riverside Dr E. Walk: 37 min. Drive: 5 min. Bus: 11 min.

  • Best Western Plus Waterfront Hotel: (519) 973-5555

~$122 per night. 277 Riverside Dr W. Walk: 35 min. Drive: 5 min. Bus: 10 min.



Parking at the event:

For visitor parking lots, please use the UWindsor parking garage entrance located on Wyandotte St W and Sunset Ave. Upon arrival at the event, please ask at registration for a parking code and we will provide you with one. When leaving the garage, enter this code at the exit of the garage with no expense to yourself. For usage of this code, entrance and exit must be made on the Sunset Ave side of the parking garage.


Taxis: Vets Cab (519) 256-2621, ~$10 from the University to Ouelette Ave/University Ave (Downtown Windsor).

Uber: ~$9-12.00 from the University to Ouelette Ave/University Ave (Downtown Windsor).

Bus: $3.00 single fare. Regular routes down University Ave and Wyandotte Ave every 15 minutes.

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